We support our clients’ need with

  • Delivering digital solutions that modernize and automate workflows, services, applications and processes.
  • Delivering cutting-edge scalable reliable solutions within budget, scope, and on time.
  • Protecting applications and data by focusing on OWASP best practices in innovative cyber solutions.
  • Planning and supporting the application and data migration to cloud, on-premise, or using hybrid design.
  • Implementing Agile best practices and processes that will increase the likelihood of the success.
  • Practicing DevSecOps approach to bridge the gaps between the IT and security enabling safe delivery of code.
  • Continuous Improvement of products, services or processes.

We offer to be your partner providing tailored services to the need and size of the organization. Right from evaluating your network vulnerability to finding, creating and implementing the most robust and cost-effective solutions is what we pride ourselves on. We have been providing niche IT solutions to our clients.


Mission Statement

We offer a number of different niche business services including Software development, IT Consultancy, Portfolio, Program and Project Management, Cyber Security, Cloud computing, Application migrations and/or upgrades, DevSecOps, Agile, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, Data Analytics, Telecommunication, Mergers and acquisition integration and transition, Health care solutions and many more.


At NISH Solutions, we evaluate the needs and or gaps in processes, workflows and applications in client’s organization.


We work with our clients to plan the best possible solution which meet their requirements and will increase the likelihood of success.


We implement and deliver cutting edge reliable scalable and robust solutions. We also provide program oversight and management. 


We provide continuous end to end support to program, project and technical teams. We help our clients in continuous improvement of services.

Software Development

Software Development

At NISH Solutions, we design, develop, test, integrate and deliver niche software solutions. We focus on security at all levels of Software development life cycle (SDLC) following DevSecOps approach.


Agile project management

Agile project Management

We offer a variety of tailored Project and Program management services across different technology disciplines. From project planning and delivery to setting up a scalable PMO for our clients. 



Technology Consulting

Technical competence along with strong business understanding of our associates strengthens our consulting service offering. Our consultants persistently stay at the forefronts of technical knowhow to enable our customers with updated information and guidance for efficient decision making. 



Machine learning and data Analytics

We can support your automation needs on physical (manufacturing, repair etc.) or conceptual (Finance, operations etc.) areas. Artificial Intelligence or (AI) as a decision-making side of automation is another area NISH can support your needs.




At NISH Solutions we bring in a good blend of experience from Academia and industry to develop and deliver trainings tailored to our client needs.



We hire only the very best consultants to help you take your business into the future with success. We assure to provide quality resources at best speed and optimized cost of hire. 


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